Water Birth Supplies

Water is an amazing relaxation aid during childbirth. While pregnant your body can become very heavy feeling and achy. The use of water, specifically submerging in warm water helps to relieve that heavy feeling and can provide a soothing comfort.

If you will be using one of my pools then you will need to purchase a liner, which can be found HERE

If one of our pools is unavailable or you prefer a different style then these are some options.

You can order the 60" aquarium pool from the website that carries my birth kit as well as accessories. As well as places like Amazon. Be sure you order one not bigger than 60-62" Like this one.... This pool is our favorite option 

If you think you will have more children, then it might be wise to invest in a sturdier reusable pool. Lots of websites sell them... just Google the name of one of the ones that interest you below.

The places you could start would be Everything Birth   Birth With Love   Your Water Birth or    Waterbirth Solutions

Oasis Birth Pool (Eco Oval or Round)                                La Bassine (ECO)                                                                       Birth Pool in a Box (Mini)



Pool Supplies:
Here is a link to a nice accessory set... click here

  • Pool (approximately 60″ x 22″) with inflatable bottom... important for long-term comfort
  • Tarp to put under pool
  • Air Compressor or device to blow up pool
  • 2 clean Heavy-Duty garden Hoses (preferably one that is for drinking water)
  • 1 Faucet adapter  (Your hot water faucet (kitchen, bathroom, washing machine hook-up, tub, etc) to garden hose size–beware that each faucet has a slightly differing size, so do a trial run before the birth!!!  Do NOT run a hose from the hot water tank due to contamination issues even in really clean tanks.)
  • 1 Fishy-net (2″-4″ square)  used to catch “floaties” in the pool during the labor/birth
  • (optional) 1 Battery–operated submersible Pump (electric pump can be substituted but can’t be used while mom is in the pool) I also keep one of these with me personally.

For set up ..... Your pool should sit on top of a tarp in whatever room you have chosen that is private and comfortable. One hose runs from your hot water faucet via the faucet adapter into the pool. The other hose attaches to the submersible pump in your pool and runs out a door, window, or into the tub–this enables us to drain and refill with hot water as needed to maintain or adjust the temperature. It is also easy to empty the pool after birth.


Whitney Whitmoore, cpm

Georgia Birth Alternatives