Georgia Birth Alternatives

Whitney Whitmoore, cpm

You are offered the opportunity to build a relationship of trust with your care provider by offering  60 minutes of dedicated attention, so all of your questions and concerns can be addressed. Care is provided  in your home. 
Fertility Care

  • Consultation
  • Fertility  Planning
  • Personal Insemination Counseling 
  • Pre-conception  Counseling ( lifestyle choices, nutrition, vitamin supplementation, exercise and optimizing your chances of conception)

Pregnancy and Birth

  • A free initial consultation.
  • Prenatal care for the healthy, low risk expecting woman and her unborn baby.
  • Prenatal visits and prenatal education. Prenatal visits are scheduled once a month until 32 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, then weekly until you deliver.  The 36-week appointment is an in-home visit to confirm readiness for your birth experience.
  • Arranging for consultations with or transfers to a physician, if and as needed. 
  • Ordering laboratory and ultrasound testing and review findings from the consulting physician.
  • Offering education about alternative health modalities in dealing with common pregnancy concerns.
  • Being on call three weeks before and two weeks after your due date for labor and delivery.
  • Guarding the childbirth process while monitoring health and progress of you and your baby.
  • Examining your newborn
  • Providing care for you during the 6-week postpartum period.  Postpartum visits are scheduled at 2 days, 2 weeks, and 6 weeks.
  • Working with you after delivery to get breastfeeding established.
  • A lending library of books and videos is available for further information.
  • I am available by phone for questions or concerns from 8 am - 6pm M-F for non-emergency issues. 24/7 for emergencies. This is available during your pregnancy and for the first year after birth in order to support you and your new family.  Further information about urgent and non-urgent concerns is listed in the new client paperwork.

Informed Choice
Each client is encouraged to take an active role in their care and be proactive in educating themselves throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum stages. We strive to provide factual, evidence-based information for consideration to each person, so informed choices can be made about their care. Sufficient time is also provided during prenatal care to discuss questions about important issues like nutrition, birth plans, breast/chest feeding, and parenting.We seek to recognize, support, and encourage each client as the main decision-maker about their care for themselves and baby.

Gift registry 

Through my gift registry program friends and family and contribute to the cost of your birth in whatever dollar amount they choose. Simply direct them to my website where they can fill out the form and an invoice will be sent to them electronically. You will be notified within 24-48 of receipt of a gift. And if you wish I can provide registry cards for you to include in your shower invitation.