Georgia Birth Alternatives

Whitney Whitmoore, cpm

Many thanks to the families who allowed me to use their photos. And to Liliana at Liliana Leahy Photography

 As Georgia's only LGBTQ identifying homebirth midwife, this practice is non-discriminatory. Your race, religion, culture, gender preference or sexual identification are not issues that would change how you are cared for.

I provide home birth midwifery care, serving families in metro Atlanta and surrounding areas, including North GA. 

Prenatal care is provided in my Midtown Atlanta office, my home office in Acworth or in your home ( on a case by case basis)

The intention of my practice is to provide each person the opportunity to discover their own strength to birth uninhibited and with the least amount of intervention possible and to assist the individual in reclaiming the wonder and joy that are inherent in birthing new life into their own hands. 

It is my belief that birthing people are strong and contain the unique ability to bring forth life into this world.  Birth is the most mysterious, miraculous, and transformational time in a person’s life.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to move through their own experience at their own pace without judgment or obligation. 

I offer personalized and respectful home birth care, supporting and guiding you through your pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Working with families of all structures, cultures, and faiths. Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation to get to know me and see if we are a good fit for each other.